10 May 2017

Photoshoot with my friend Skovlyste

Last friday me and my wonderful friend Sarafina, aka Skovlyste, held a photoshoot after we've watched a cellomatiné in the new concertplace here in Odense, where we live. I got really inspired by the beautiful cello-music on that grey, rainy day. 
Anyway, we got home to my place and began to look at some inspiring photos from the edwardian era. I really love old photographs and so we decided to get inspired by the antique style. 

Here's a few antique photos that I really like.
All found on Pinterest.

We took a lot of beautiful photos and I must say that I'm very satisfied with the results! 

I enjoyed having Sarafina as a model and I hope we'll get the chance to hold another photoshoot soon!
Feel free to tell me in the comments, what you think of the photos I took.

Let's finish this post with a self portrait. I couldn't help myself but to take some self portraits in the same style, tehe.

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