16 May 2017

Inspiration in spring

Today is a rainy, cold and grey day. I am feeling inspired anyway though and I hope this evening will bring me some time for being creative. I have a hard time finishing my projects, so I hope to use the next couple of days/weeks to finish some of them. Spring is very inspiring, both because it's one of my two favorite seasons, but also because my wardrobe is changing from something warm and cosy, to something more light and flowy. Everything is so beautiful. The green colours, the pretty flowers in lots of different shapes and the long evenings where it gets darker very late. 
Even though today is cold, I still feel the beauty from spring.

Now talking about projects- I really want to bake some more. Last month I made a banana bread, which was delicious. But I've tried that many times before and I would love to try something new. Perhaps some more cakes with lavender? I really like blueberry/lavender cupcakes... yummy!

What else inspires me? Well, I really love getting inspiration from the 1800's "lower class"-people, as weird as it may sound, which was why I decided to finally watch the movie 'Les misérables'. I enjoyed it very much. Do you know any movies with the same "lower class"-style? I really like characters such as Brona Croft from 'Penny Dreadful', Mrs Lovett from 'Sweeney Todd' and Gloriana from 'Salem'. All some lovely dressed women, tehe.

When it comes to my own style I hope to evolve my wardrobe. I am getting more and more beware of what style I want, but somethimes I get confused... I'll have to work on that confusion. I have been considering cutting my hair before summer, but truth is I want it to be longer than now. And I can always make some pretty hair up-dos, yay.

Earlier today I went to my cello-class. I really feel like I learn something from my teacher and I hope to soon show you more of my cello-practising. I'm currently trying to play whatever my teacher gives me as homework, but also the song 'Green finch and linnet bird' from Sweeney Todd. I really adore that song and I'm trying to learn it myself... which means no one to help, tehe. 

What inspires you currently? 

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