30 June 2017

4 favorites from June month ☼

Here's a few favorites from June. I can't come up with more than these, but I'm sure there's a lot more.

Style inspiration: Helena Bonham Carter
Pictures from Pinterest
This month I realized how awesome Helena Bonham Carter's personal style is. I find it very inspiring and have got a few ideas for some creative projects and my own style, because of her.

'Let no man steal your thyme' - 'Far from the madding crowd' soundtrack

I heard this song for the first time in an instagram-video and I really liked it. Since then it has been on my mind and I have listened to it a lot.

Activity: Being with people I love
This month haven't been that active, but I got to see a dear friend of mine, who I haven't seen for a 
long time. I also went to visit my parents at my childhood home. And me and my love went to the Zoo here in Odense. 

Activity: Watching live videos

I love watching live videos with all of my favorite artists!

28 June 2017

Outfit: My heart is like an open flower

So I cut my hair short a few days ago and I'm actually quite happy about it. Even though sunday and monday I got a bit sad about it... but hey- it will grow long again and today I discovered that I'm able to make a lovely hairstyle out of it anyway.
Today I want to share my outfit with you... so here we go:

I made a lovely updo and clipped in a hairflower I made myself. The earrings, which you can't see that well, are from a Danish shop called Fairytailor. She makes beautiful jewelry and other stuff. The choker is just a satin ribbon I found in the drawer. I also really like this lipstick, but unfortunatly I don't have much of it left. 

Now for the clothing. My lace top is bought in a thriftshop, but it's from a lovely brand called Cream. They make a lot of lace and frilly garments. I can really recommend the brand, but it's a bit expensive from new. I do find a lot from Cream in Danish thrift stores though. My skirt is homemade by me. I bought the fabric in a charity shop and I'm going to sew another one soon in other colours. I really like it!! It suits my body well. Unfortunatly I've sewn it with a bad thread, so I have to oversew it with a stronger thread soon. I got inspiration from a Punkrave-skirt by the way, so the design isn't that original, hehe.

Last: I want to share a small song I just discovered... I really like it!

What do you think about my outfit? Do you want to see more of these kind of posts?
And do you like sewing?

10 June 2017

Currently in my life

I have some happy news! My dear love proposed to me last sunday and I of course said yes. So now we're engaged, yay. I got to choose the ring myself and I am looking for something old, since that is something I really like, tehe. Let's celebrate by sharing a photo of him and me. 

Also I went to the thrift store to find some summertops, but ended up buying this amazing green couch, that matches my other antique green couch. Yesterday my parents helped me moving our old couch and getting this one. I also bought a beautiful vanity table, from the year 1919 for a very cheap price. It is very big and pretty and I can't wait to sit in front of it, putting on makeup.

I'm feeling kind of well lately. A bit stressed (As always) but I'm getting better at doing things that makes me relax. I met up with Sarafina this week and we got to do some practical stuff. I am, as mentioned, working on some prints to sell on our Etsy store. Unfortunatly I'm not too happy about the way the prints worked out, so I might have to try another print-shop. I also made some stickers and I need to edit an aquarelle before I'm putting it up for sale. But I can't wait to share my art with you. Sarafina sells some pretty stationery that I think you should go check out! 

I really want to get better at upcycling clothes and accessories, because I find it hard to sew and finish projects, which I've been making from the bottom. I also got in contact with a lady who sells old bloomers, petticoats and such. She's going to sell me some, later this summer and I can't wait to see, what she has in her collection. I hope there's something beautiful in my size. If there's something "cheaper" I'll try to upcycle some of it. 

Lastly I want to share a "new look" I tried last week. I really like the hairstyle even though my head looks so round. But that's okay. I felt good and like I could be in a Jane Eyre-movie. The music is from the 'Pride and prejudice' soundtrack which I love! I haven't seen the series or the movie though. Perhaps I should soon.

What is happening in your lifes currently?
I hope you'll have a nice summer and that you feel both inspired and happy! 

3 June 2017

6 favorites from the last month of spring, May ❀

I feel like I have been very inspired the last month. May is beautiful.

Experience: Photoshoot in the forest
I really love being in the forest with someone I hold dear... and we got some beautiful pictures out of it.

Experience: Iron age/viking fair
My love and I had a lovely day with his family at this fair.

Instagram: Forzuzu
Photo source
I really like her posts, especially her video-posts! They're so inspiring.

Music: Cecile Corbel - 'Painted veil'

I find this song very enchanting and her voice is beautiful.

Instagram: Villagewytch
Photo source
Alice is such a creative soul! I really love her art... She has an Etsy-shop too, where I once bought an art-zine from. 

Inspiration: Victorian undergarments
I get so so inspired by these kind of undergarments from the Victorian time. So much I am hunting for it... so beautiful.

It's June now and I can't wait to see what this month will bring. The spring was beautiful and even though summer is my least favorite season, I am still going to enjoy it.
What is your favorite seasons?
Mine are spring and autumn.