29 April 2017

7 favorites from April month ❀

It's time for another post about my favorites of the month! April was truly a month filled with creativity.

Creativity: Embroidery
I saw that my friend Skovlyste had made some embroidery, which inspired me to do so myself. It's still not finished, but I really enjoy the process.

Experience: SAVEUS concert

I went to a concert in my city with my sister, brother and his girlfriend, to see the Danish artist SAVEUS. This video-clip is not from that concert, but from an old one. It was an amazing concert!!

Clothing: Layered skirts
I really like these two skirt that I made. They look good together!

Creativity: Cello headpiece
I made this headpiece for myself, since I love cello! 

Music: 'Fear of flying' by Gabby Young

I have been listening to this song almost everyday on repeat. It's so calming to listen to.

Creativity: Melora Creager aquarelle painting
I also finished this small aquarelle of Melora Creager. I really like it even though it's quite simple.

Activity: Thrifting

I have been thrifting a lot of pretty items this month. Here's a small thrift haul with my friend Sarafina of Skovlyste.

What's been your favorites this month? And do you like being creative?

6 April 2017

13 favorites from March month ❀

13, because that's my favorite number!

Instagram: Sailorren
Picture source
I have been following her instagram for quite some time, but have recently looked through her photos once again and I can't tell you how gorgeous they are.

Youtube: Skovlyste
Picture source
My dear friend Sarafina aka. Skovlyste has made a youtube-channel and I really like her videos. They're cosy and well edited! She also do the singing in some of the videos, which I like. 

Activity: Cello

I really love learning how to play this beautiful instrument. 

Music: Rasputina - 'Oh, you pretty flowers'

Rasputina is my absolute favorite band to listen to. Here's one of the song's I have been listening to March month. I love the place they're playing it too... very spring-like.

Activity: Teadrinking with a friend in a forest
Even though it was a cold, muddy day, it was cosy and I want to do it again.

Clothing: Overbust corset
I bought another corset and I really like it. It has some beautiful embroidery details in the fabric and a lovely colour.

Facebook group: Daily Fae-shion
This Facebook group is amazing! I can't get enough of the beautiful inspiration and the lovely people in it.

Music: Eliza Rickman - Waiting around again

I've known to Eliza Rickman for quite a while, but last month I really got to listen to her beautiful voice and to watch her wonderful videos.

Clothing: Lace skirt
This thrifted skirt is so pretty and flowy. I love to wear it!

Art: Photo by Olesya
I bought this amazing photograph from Olesya aka. Schwarzkopfnonne on instagram. I love the atmosphere it has and she styled it very antique-inspired. She sell more of these on her Etsy shop.

Clothing: Red dress
This red corduroy dress has both pockets and puffy sleeves. I bought it at a vintage kilosale and has styled it in many ways since.

Things and such: Candles
My love and I has turned off the warmth in our apartment and in that case we've been burning a lot of candles to get some warmth and cosyness.

Last but not least: Spring
Spring is finally here and we had the warmest day this year, last week. It has been very sunny even though today is cold and grey.

A bit late, but hope you guys liked this kind of blog-post.
Let me know in the comment's below and also tell me about your favorite things.

5 April 2017

Transylvanian castle news and a few plans for the blog

First of all, I made something for my youtube-channel and hopefully I will be making more videos. Please have a look:

And with that video shown, I can now get to the blog-post, hehe.
So, we're almost halfway through spring and last week the sun and warmth finally came for real. But today it is both windy and cold. But a perfect weather to do something creative inside or for planning what I want to do and I how to achieve it. As I mentioned in my last post, I have made some decisions... hopefully some good ones. 

But I also have a wish to do something more about this blog. Right now it's just me who writes everytime I feel like it. But then yesterday I got some ideas for some regular blog-posts. Don't know for sure what I'm gonna choose to start with or if I'm starting at more than one thing.

The ideas I have in mind is:
- Seasonal hauls, mostly thrifted items.
- Monthly favorites.
- Weekly or monthly favorite outfits.
- Magical music, posts about my favorite music.

Actually I think I'm gonna start with the first three as soon as possible.
Hope you guys will enjoy more regular and planned posts.

Other than that I have been planning a lot, practising cello and listened to music... such as a house concert with Unwoman on youtube.

Have you made some decisions lately you want to share?