25 January 2017

What a strange power there is in clothing

I've started on watching the series 'Salem' which is so good! I only need two episodes of season two, then I will start on watching season three. It's mostly about witches, which I find interesting. I'm in a witchy mood lately... So if you have any recomendations on books about witches, please share them in the comments, yay!

I want to show some of my outfits on this blog, since I am currently feeling very inspired to make some cool outfits. I hope you like them.
This one is consisting of a thrifted lace top underneath a corset from Corsets-uk. The two skirts I'm wearing over the corset is made by myself. I might blog a bit more about my sewing projects, since I really want to sew more. My lipstick is a brand I haven't tried before. It's Kat Von D's 'Vampira' liquid lipstick. I also use it as an eyeliner sometimes.  

19 January 2017

Another day, another teaparty

I held a teaparty for two of my friends yesterday and it was such a nice day/evening! We drank different kinds of tea, Sarafina brought some blueberry pies, Stefanie brought some meringues and I had baked some cookies. I really enjoyed their company as always, hehe.