21 September 2016

Lots of lavender

Lavender's scent should have a calming effect... and my love keeps telling me that the colour purple is good for people with depression. We have a lot of lavender outside our windows and I dried a few before they withered.

I don't feel good these days. But at least I try to make my surroundings cosy and I enjoy looking at all of my treasures here in the livingroom. I also made a chocolate care with lavender earlier this week and it was so good. It's about indulging oneself, when feeling bad.
Because of my current state I haven't been creative with my outfits... but I tried on some pieces, I have thrifted, together and I feel a bit like a witchy creature who lives in the forest, with my tousled hair and layered clothing.

18 September 2016

Today I'd like to sit and sip, forget about the world a bit

"... Ignore the things I have to do, and just enjoy a cup or two."

Yesterday it was my turn to host a teaparty. My friends arrived to my home, dressed in beautiful garments and carrying some delicious cupcakes and buns. I really enjoyed it. A few days before I had baked lavender biscuits and bought a lot of new tea, yummy! The table was decorated with crystals, candles and my favourite teaset.

14 September 2016

Handmade by Celine Haakon

I got some jewelry for free from Handmade by Celine Haakon and this is my review on the things I got.
I really like the details on the jewelry and how she sometimes mix colours on the metal. My favourites are the matching set with the earrings and the choker! I really like the way it looks.
The only minus is that two of the jewelry had broken a bit because of the glue. But I have said it to Celine so she can do something about it. But after all I like her style and I find it very inspiring that she makes these pretty things to wear.
Go check out her shop on Etsy here.

The ring on this picture is very nive with it's tiny clockworks. I don't usually mix different colours of metals, but I think it goes well on this ring here.

3 September 2016

Some more tea?

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Where there's tea, there's hope

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It is the second time we held a teaparty, my friends and I, and definitely not the last! We had a great time with lots of treats (again) and this time, homemade ice tea. We also went for a beautiful walk in one of the parks here in Odense.

It's always teatime somewhere in the world

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Finally! The first teaparty with my friend Sarafina and two new lovely friends, I didn't knew until now.  We drank six different kinds of tea and everyone had made their own, delicious treat to share. I made some delicious blueberry muffins with lavender. It was a succes and I feel so happy!