21 September 2016

Lots of lavender

Lavender's scent should have a calming effect... and my love keeps telling me that the colour purple is good for people with depression. We have a lot of lavender outside our windows and I dried a few before they withered.

I don't feel good these days. But at least I try to make my surroundings cosy and I enjoy looking at all of my treasures here in the livingroom. I also made a chocolate care with lavender earlier this week and it was so good. It's about indulging oneself, when feeling bad.
Because of my current state I haven't been creative with my outfits... but I tried on some pieces, I have thrifted, together and I feel a bit like a witchy creature who lives in the forest, with my tousled hair and layered clothing.

I have considered if I should start reading a bit about witchcraft again. When I was a child and teenager I was really into it. I read a lot of books about it and tried out a few "spells"... but then I lost the interest a bit. But I find it very interesting and even though I might not practice witchcraft myself, it would be nice to know a little about it. I mean- I find a lot of inspiration from witches and their world, so why not know more about it? I also feel like it would be respectful to know more about it, now when I find so much inspiration from them. I don't know...
But if you know any books or websites or anything you'd share, please comment!

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