30 October 2016

Trip to Jutland

Last week I went for a small vacation with my lovely family and my love. We went to Jutland here in Denmark and visited Vesterhavet. I love being on the beach in Autumn, Winter and Spring. We visited a beautiful place called Rubjerg Knude Fyr, which is an old lighttower from around 1900 that'll soon fall in the water. 

2 October 2016

Put on your dresses of red and gold; Summer is gone, and the days grow cold

The sight of candlelighst makes me feel both relaxed and warm. I love to watch the small flames move... sometimes they move slow, sometimes fast.
Fire have my full respect, but when I watch those small flames, they seem so fragile. You can even blow them out with one, single breath.
Burning beautiful candles in different colours, sizes and types, is a thing I do more often now when it is Autumn. My favorite season...