18 September 2017

Follow my blog on Wordpress

So, I decided to move my blog to Wordpress. If you like my blogging, please go check it out here: https://ladyelflockblog.wordpress.com

5 September 2017

Flowers and lovely finds

The sunflowers are my favorite flowers and I love everything old, so here's a small haul for you guys, with things I bought on a fleamarket, but first some self portraits with the beautiful sunflowers me and my love bought at the supermarket yesterday:

So I went to a fleamarket with my lovely friend Carina. I didn't buy much, but I still wanted to share some photos of what I got.
First of all I finally found a seller who sold antique photos... I ended up buying all of the photos he sold, for a cheap price. Or at least I think they were cheap, I haven't count how many there was actually, perhaps they weren't as cheap as I thought, haha. Anyway, they are really pretty, but I think I'll give some of them away. Perhaps with some orders from Lady Gigglemug, let's see. 

The yellow'ish' photos underneath, are probably my favorites since they look and feel really old.

Then I also bought a beautiful green pot, which I though was perfect for crystals! I don't have many and I don't know if it's a good thing to contain crystals like this, but I really want more since I love them. It's almost like I can feel some healing energy from them... some of them I always had with me when I was a young teenager, because it felt like they could help my anxiety to calm down.

Last but not least I bought the beautiful top (The pink-coloured one) that I wore today and I really like it, because of it's mixed textures and the "withered rose"-kinda colour. I also feel a bit like it could be something Melora Creager would wear and I like that thought. 

Do you like going to fleamarkets? What's the best thing you've found on a market?

By the way my boyfriend called me the fairyqueen today, tihi.

2 September 2017

Music is life

There's a huge part of my life, which I haven't shared much of here on the blog.
I love making music and writing songs... so much that I am now finally able to record my own music. I just bought a new computer, where I'm going to record all of my songs and I'm also planning a music-project with my dear friend Skovlyste. We both love to sing and play and write, so that's going to be exiting. 

Here's a song I wrote for that purpose. It still needs to be polished a bit I think, but I really like it anyway. We'll see what it'll end up with:

It's my goal to get better at playing the cello. I started playing it for about half a year ago and it's so hard to play! But I am slowly getting better. Until then I will have to play keyboard, guitar and sing. And add some sounds to it, but I really need a better keyboard. The one I have now is very bad. It just sounds like a cheap plastic-instrument. Which it is.............. So I am saving my money for both a better keyboard and my own cello. I can only borrow the music school's cello a year from now on. After that I'm too old to go at the school and I will have to find a private teacher. I hope I'll get better fast, hehe. 

My story with music
Music is a huge part of my life and has been since I was 7 years old. I started first at some "music and games" when I was, yeah about 7 years, Then I started to play guitar when I was 9, but after 7-8 years with guitar I found out that I wasn't really good at it. Then my parents had given me and my brother a keyboard, the one I have now, as a christmas present for fun, but since I didn't want to change my teacher I went to "piano-lessons" at my guitar teacher. At that time I was about 16-17 years. I began playing with making my own songs, but it really didn't happen until I was 19. Then I wrote my first song in Danish. I wrote a couple of small songs that I can't remember now, unfortunatly. But I was always told that I should have written music for 100 years ago, since my music was very much inspired by old, classical music. 

When I was 20 years I finished my first song in English. The song actually came to me, while I was half asleep and when I woke up I could finish it in a few minutes. It was a very surreal experience. Since then I have been trying to write songs and now, at the age of 24 I can finally write my own songs and music... And feel proud about them!
After so many years where I have been trying so hard to write music, it now comes naturally to me and that's why it is time to share them with the world.
Unfortunatly my singing voice isn't strong and I can hardly breathe while singing. I get so nervous when other's shall har me sing, Sarafina can approve that, haha. But I will get better!! I want to fight for this.

I don't know if this post was interesting to you at all?
But I will share more of my songs and music here on the blog. So stay tuned..! 

My plan is also to make small videos, where I sing/play my own music and covers of other's music. I will share those on my youtube channel when the time comes. 

31 August 2017

Self portraits and an update

It's been a long time since I have been blogging. A lot have been happening and I just wasn't able to make my monthly favorites. Now I'm kind of back, but I won't make a monthly favorite for August either, because it's been a really bad month. Not that I can't find any favorites, but those favorites are far to personal for me to share here. Anyway, what I can make a blog about is coming here: 

For the last month I have been working a lot with myself. I have been feeling really down, but I am now on my way back.
Last sunday I went to visit my parents. My mom and I went for a walk on the beach nearby, which reminded my of my childhood, since I have been playing so much as a kid there. I also got to see some beautiful flowers, which was lovely. I haven't really been outside the last month, only at a cemetery nearby. 

We also had our dog, Firdda, with us for the walk.

Then I received a few things in the mail yesterday. Two pair of hairflowers for my giant hair! I decided to take some photos with these hairflowers on and I really love the way they turned out! 

I also got this beautiful witchery patch made by Alice Roses who is an artist that I really admire.
I am no witch though, but I have lately been wanting to get more into witchcraft. Let's see what that will end up with. 

Then I finally got my engagement ring! It's from the 1930's and very simple. But I really like that, since it matches a lot of my outfits that way. I chose a gold ring, because I wear mostly golden jewelry. But there's also a bit of silver in it, so I can wear it with my silver jewelry as well. I don't like mixing metals together. 

Last but not least I bought myself a few items from a thrift shop. These pair of boots are one of the items. I would love to have some striped stockings to wear with them, but they're hard to find in plus size here in Denmark. Perhaps I'll buy a some from the internet. It would look amazing with my red jacket. I have some ideas for some changes in my wardrobe, and I will be cleaning out my closet. But more about that in another post.

Do you know anywhere within Europe where you can buy some striped stockings in plus size?
And what have you been up to that last month or so?

28 July 2017

Current projects for Lady Gigglemug

I have been working on a few items, for Lady Gigglemug, which is my friends and my Etsy shop. Right now we're having a vacation from the shop, but I felt like making something for the shop. My plan is to also make some more Autumn-inspired stuff, since I can't wait for Autumn and since it would be nice to sell in the coming months. 

The first thing I've been working on is actually on hold for a friend on Instagram, since she saw it in Lady Gigglemug's insta-story. So it won't come up on the shop, but it was meant to be on the shop... so I'm gonna show them anyway.
They're a pair of antique bloomers that I have upcycled. On the butt of these bloomers there's this big pocket with a doily and a vintage button I have from my small button-collection. I have on each leg added some more fabric that matches the pocket. On the front there's some lovely half, doilys and a patch with a print of a spoon. I draw the spoon myself and printed it on some light pink fabric, back when I was going on a design-school. I really love the look of it.

The spoon is actually a drawing I made of one of my own antique spoons. I have a small spoon-collection, hehe. 

Then I once promised to make some jabots for Lady Gigglemug, but never got started. Woops, but I think jabots are beautiful and great accessories in the Autumn/Winter time. I am deffinitely going to make more.
This one is with layers in different colours and textures. I really like this one and it's colours so much!! It reminds me of the countryside somehow, hehe. The spoon is antique by the way. Some of the fabric/lace is old or thrifted and there's a doily added here aswell. 

The last thing I've made was going to be a jabot, but it got too high on the collar. But I really loved the colours I used and the different textures. There's some velvet, a beautiful, golden flower-ribbon, two kinds of lace, a lace bow with a red pearl and it's all sewn on to a piece of felt. I think it's so cute, hehe. 

Now for something else than projects for Lady Gigglemug. My boyfriend and I went to the city to look at engagement rings and I think I found the right one! But I will have to take a look around on the internet and in some of the other antique shops in Odense. Anyway, afterwards we went to a art supply shop and the lady in there thinks I'm so beautiful, haha. She said it was like I had walked out of a scrapbook. 
I was wearing the clothes on the pictures beneath. I also made some art to put in a small frame. I used aquarelle colours, a pencil and a black pen.

'Little Lady Foxglove'

Now I feel very proud that I have been making some things for the shop and for myself. Especially because I am in a very bad mood currently. I feel so stressed and sad. I listen to a lot of music, to kinda get away from things. And now I have been listening to Loreena McKennitt for hours!! But I find her music so relaxing and beautiful.

Besides music I have also been watching a lot of movies. I actually watched 'Dracula' from 1992 for the first time in my life... which is ind of embarrasing since I really am a vampire-fan. I liked it a lot and even though it was a bit serious, I still laughed a few times.
Then I saw 'The vvitch'. I read a lot of different opinions on this one. But I really liked it! I love the look and atmosphere the movie has. 

What do you like to do when feeling down?
I hope you all are feeling better than I am and if you want to, please recommend some movies to watch.