30 March 2017

Some decisions

Lately I have had so many ideas, that I didn't knew where to start and beside that, I have also been feeling really down for a couple of weeks now. I want to get started on some creative projects, but I find it kinda hard when my ideas are so many... which is why I have decided, for a period of time, to focus on two or three things. I love to be creative and I find inspiration from many places. But I can't do everything I want to currently.

A thing that I can feel is very good for me is music. I love music and it has been a part of my life since forever! I started on taking cello-lessons in January and I really want to get better at it. So I have decided that music should be a huge priority. I do write my own songs and music and I've been wanting to share them with the world for a few years now... I have asked my littlebrother to help me recording my music, because he's very good a recording and producing. He also plays the guitar, which I also do, but he's so much better, haha. 

In relation with my choice of making more music, I have also decided to start a youtube-channel. My plan is to make cosy videos with my music or with me singing and perhaps also other kinds of videos. I don't want them to be perfect or proffessional to look at, because I really love watching cosy videos that isn't too edited and such. I find a lot of inspiration from Eliza Rickman, Unwoman and Rasputina and they have all made some cool and cosy videos for youtube. Go check them out btw!

16 March 2017

Sunlight and joy

It was a beautiful day.
The sunshine slipped through the cracks everywhere that day and our home was filled with sunlight, joy and renaissance music.