3 September 2016

Some more tea?

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 Yesterday I went to another teaparty that we've planned in a hurry and I had such a good time. We started out drinking some tea and eating some nice, delicious cakes. The table was filled with a lot of chocolate, but that's fine with me, haha. After that we went to a small market, like last time, where the people remembered us. I bought myself a few golden teaspoons for a jewelry-project. We got a lot of sweet compliments from people and it all felt good.
Then we visited Sarafina's city garden which made me want to have my own... let's see. We also visited Eventyrhaven, a park in Odense, and there was so many beautiful flowers and happy people, yay!
When we got back to Stefanie's place, we took some more tea and cake and talked a lot... it was so nice. I went home in the evening... happy and satisfied

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