25 January 2017

What a strange power there is in clothing

I've started on watching the series 'Salem' which is so good! I only need two episodes of season two, then I will start on watching season three. It's mostly about witches, which I find interesting. I'm in a witchy mood lately... So if you have any recomendations on books about witches, please share them in the comments, yay!

I want to show some of my outfits on this blog, since I am currently feeling very inspired to make some cool outfits. I hope you like them.
This one is consisting of a thrifted lace top underneath a corset from Corsets-uk. The two skirts I'm wearing over the corset is made by myself. I might blog a bit more about my sewing projects, since I really want to sew more. My lipstick is a brand I haven't tried before. It's Kat Von D's 'Vampira' liquid lipstick. I also use it as an eyeliner sometimes.  

My hair has grown so so long and I want it longer, haha. 

I also want to make some more art. Drawing is something I really like and it makes me relax, everytime I'm drawing and painting. I will practise some more, so I can sell some of my art on Lady Gigglemug, which is an Etsy shop I have, with my dear friend Sarafina. I will sell some framed art and perhaps I will make some stickers and bookmarks too! I can't wait to be more creative.
What do you think about my drawing style?

That's all for now.
Please let me know, if you would like to see more of my outfits.

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