19 January 2017

Another day, another teaparty

I held a teaparty for two of my friends yesterday and it was such a nice day/evening! We drank different kinds of tea, Sarafina brought some blueberry pies, Stefanie brought some meringues and I had baked some cookies. I really enjoyed their company as always, hehe.

Sarafina looking happy while cuddling Stefanie's hair, hihi. 

Today I went for a long walk with one of my dear friends. We've began to walk two times a week in the forest nearby. It's a good long walk and I enjoy it very much. When I came home this CD was waiting for me in the mailbox. I've been waiting for it for a long time, since it's all the way from Australia. Sister Ursuline is a cellist from Australia who's been playing for a while with Rasputina, which is one of my favorite bands!

Rasputina is one of the reasons why I've started on cello lessons! Yes- I had my first lesson this tuesday. I find it very hard, but also very funny to practise. It's just such a beautiful instrument and I've been wanting to play it for years now... and now I finally have the opportunity.
I hope I will be working a lot more on my own music this year and my dear younger brother is going to help me recording it, when he moves closer to me. I can't wait! 

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