11 December 2016

It's christmas time, Autumn is over

 It is christmas time. Autumn is over and my christmas decorations are up!
Today I took a decision. I have decided that I will start to learn to play cello. This is because I have been wanting to learn my favorite instrument, cello, for years now... And now I finally have the time an money to it, yay.

I love to write my own music and lyrics and I decided to do some more about it. I'm gonna record it and put it up on bandcamp. For that, I need a name. I don't just want to use my own name. I will brainstorm on that name, hehe.

The letter you see is a christmas letter for my penpal, Esther. She's from The Netherlands.

I actually don't have much to tell... so I'm going to end this post with a photo of my pheasant. His name is Sir Knud, which my dear love named him.
Happy holidays! 

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