29 April 2017

7 favorites from April month ❀

It's time for another post about my favorites of the month! April was truly a month filled with creativity.

Creativity: Embroidery
I saw that my friend Skovlyste had made some embroidery, which inspired me to do so myself. It's still not finished, but I really enjoy the process.

Experience: SAVEUS concert

I went to a concert in my city with my sister, brother and his girlfriend, to see the Danish artist SAVEUS. This video-clip is not from that concert, but from an old one. It was an amazing concert!!

Clothing: Layered skirts
I really like these two skirt that I made. They look good together!

Creativity: Cello headpiece
I made this headpiece for myself, since I love cello! 

Music: 'Fear of flying' by Gabby Young

I have been listening to this song almost everyday on repeat. It's so calming to listen to.

Creativity: Melora Creager aquarelle painting
I also finished this small aquarelle of Melora Creager. I really like it even though it's quite simple.

Activity: Thrifting

I have been thrifting a lot of pretty items this month. Here's a small thrift haul with my friend Sarafina of Skovlyste.

What's been your favorites this month? And do you like being creative?


  1. You are so talented! Love the embroidery, skirts and painting!

    1. Thank you so much Laura! I'm glad you like them..<3