3 June 2017

6 favorites from the last month of spring, May ❀

I feel like I have been very inspired the last month. May is beautiful.

Experience: Photoshoot in the forest
I really love being in the forest with someone I hold dear... and we got some beautiful pictures out of it.

Experience: Iron age/viking fair
My love and I had a lovely day with his family at this fair.

Instagram: Forzuzu
Photo source
I really like her posts, especially her video-posts! They're so inspiring.

Music: Cecile Corbel - 'Painted veil'

I find this song very enchanting and her voice is beautiful.

Instagram: Villagewytch
Photo source
Alice is such a creative soul! I really love her art... She has an Etsy-shop too, where I once bought an art-zine from. 

Inspiration: Victorian undergarments
I get so so inspired by these kind of undergarments from the Victorian time. So much I am hunting for it... so beautiful.

It's June now and I can't wait to see what this month will bring. The spring was beautiful and even though summer is my least favorite season, I am still going to enjoy it.
What is your favorite seasons?
Mine are spring and autumn.

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