28 May 2017

A magical trip to the forest nearby

Yesterday me and my lovely friend Sarafina aka. Skovlyste, went to the forest nearby to have a little photoshoot. I really need to practise my photo-skills and I love how my friends want to help.
The forest was so green and beautiful. We saw a lot of pretty things such as a deer and giant bumble bees! Unfortunatly I didn't get any pictures of them, since the deer ran away as soon as I took my camera up. But it was a pretty sight to see it there, relaxing in the grass. We decided to check out the deer's spot and it turned out to be a good spot for some of the photos. We also had a nice cup of tea on a tree stump (I think they're called that?). It was truly a magical time and I felt relaxed for the first time in weeks! Being in nature really can take all of my troubles away for a moment and I love that.

Now for the photos...

I think we managed to get some lovely photos out of it.
Where is your favorite place to be?

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