28 June 2017

Outfit: My heart is like an open flower

So I cut my hair short a few days ago and I'm actually quite happy about it. Even though sunday and monday I got a bit sad about it... but hey- it will grow long again and today I discovered that I'm able to make a lovely hairstyle out of it anyway.
Today I want to share my outfit with you... so here we go:

I made a lovely updo and clipped in a hairflower I made myself. The earrings, which you can't see that well, are from a Danish shop called Fairytailor. She makes beautiful jewelry and other stuff. The choker is just a satin ribbon I found in the drawer. I also really like this lipstick, but unfortunatly I don't have much of it left. 

Now for the clothing. My lace top is bought in a thriftshop, but it's from a lovely brand called Cream. They make a lot of lace and frilly garments. I can really recommend the brand, but it's a bit expensive from new. I do find a lot from Cream in Danish thrift stores though. My skirt is homemade by me. I bought the fabric in a charity shop and I'm going to sew another one soon in other colours. I really like it!! It suits my body well. Unfortunatly I've sewn it with a bad thread, so I have to oversew it with a stronger thread soon. I got inspiration from a Punkrave-skirt by the way, so the design isn't that original, hehe.

Last: I want to share a small song I just discovered... I really like it!

What do you think about my outfit? Do you want to see more of these kind of posts?
And do you like sewing?