8 July 2017

Upcycling: Doily dress

I've been wanting to practise my upcycle-skills lately. I really love going thrifting and to buy other people's old clothing, but I haven't felt good enough to upcycle those things I have in my wardrobe... But then I bought a few pieces for very cheap, to upcycle and I decided to try out with this dress.

I shortened the straps, fixed a few holes and added four of my old doilys plus two buttons. The big doily is also a pocket. I really love how much it does to add a few things, on a simple piece like this dress. I have another old dress that has a lot of spots on it. I will see if I can hide them with some velvet fabric and perhaps some doilys as well, since I have so many of them. 

I also have a pair of bloomers that's too small for me. I will upcycle them and put them for sale on me and my friend's Etsy-shop, Lady Gigglemug. That will be my first upcycled product for sale, but diffenitely not my last! 

I love how easy it is to make clothing look a bit more unique and personal, by adding a few extra things that you like. It's much more easy to do than sewing things from the buttom. I rarely finish my sewing projects and I have so many of them...

Have you tried upcycling some of your thrifted clothes? What did you think about it?
Please share your experience and perhaps a few tips and tricks.


  1. Great creation! With the bloomers and the bow in your hair you look kind of doll-like!