16 July 2017

Some self portraits and in search for inspiration

I took a few self portraits today, in my "new" upcycled doily dress.
Yesterday I woke up, because someone was knocking on our door. I was too tired to wake up and open the door, so I turned around and fell asleep again. Later, same day, I could see out of the window, that something stood in front of our door. My love went out to see what it was... It was this amazing, old and red velvet chair, with huge tassels! We took it inside, but didn't knew if it was for us or what? But then my boyfriend's stepfather called us and it turned out to be a gift from him and my boyrfriend's mother. It's very beautiful and perfect for my vanity table from 1919... and it's a perfect cello-chair, hehe. 

I then decided to take some photos, with the chair. I just took some old bed sheets and hang up in front of our closet and another one in the same colour, which I put on the floor. I like the red and the green colour together. 

I also finished a skirt that I made from the bottom. I really like it and I think I'll make more of my skirts look a bit more "bustle"-like. It's hard to see on the photos, but it's longer on the back than in the front. It is dark grey, but has burned orange pinstripes. It's some heavy fabric that I bought in a thrift shop for cheap!

I feel like I want to evolve my style, since I'm a bit locked in it. I would love to add more layers and textures, but I find it hard to do. Do you have any advice? What are your favorite textures to mix?
I really want to look like "a messy victorian", as I like to call it. I am very inspired by the victorian lower class and music/musicians such as Melora Creager from Rasputina and Unwoman. Do you have any fun ideas for outfits and inspiration? Perhaps you know some movies to watch or blogs to follow?

Anyway- I love the feeling when something is finished... I am very bad at finishing things, but I'll get better at it. Hopefully, haha.