7 November 2016

November: The last month of Autumn

We are in the last month of Autumn, but it's beginning to look more like winter here. The leaves has left the trees and the cold has arrived with a bit of snow. I'm mostly staying inside with good music, candles and warm drinks.

I haven't been as creative as I wanted this Autumn. A lot has happened in my mind, which made it hard for me to do anything. I am better now though. 
A small piece I finished is this drawing/painting that I made: The two ladies are locked inside the darkness until someone finds the key. But the heart is keeping an eye on them, to protect them from harm from the outer world. The ladies would dare to take a risk though, to live there life fully.

It's been teatime several times these past months. Me and my friend, Sarafina, was drinking tea and enjoying eachothers company. She did also show me a few upcomming pieces for our Etsy store, Lady Gigglemug.

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